Elsa's Language Studio

German for Immigrants


Every class will have a semester fee. Semesters will start at the end of August and run through the end of December. Alternatively, they also start in January and run through the end of June. Please, refer to the calendar for the exact dates.

NB: The classes will follow the school holidays from Kanton Schwyz.

For groups you sign for different subscriptions with for example 10 lessons (90 minutes each) which pay 700 CHF, this price includes books and material. This gives you the flexibility to resign after the abo is finished or to continue. Please notice that the abo has to be used within 6 months from the abo started. The group starts when 3 students sign in.

Private lessons pay 70 CHF for 60 minutes and 140 CHF for 120 minutes. A private lesson that last 90 minutes pays 105 CHF

NB: All books are included in price for both private and grouplessons if you book at least 10 lessons.