Elsa's Language Studio

German for Immigrants & Expats

my name is Manuela Rohner

I'm a qualified translator (German, English, French), language teacher, learning coach and specialist in gifted education.

I offer individual coaching and group lessons for children, adolescents and young adults, preparation courses for various exams such as Gymnasium, Matura or other international diplomas as well as counselling for parents and teachers.

People and their relationships have always interested me, be it their relationship to a subject/topic, to others or to themselves.

More than 20 years ago, I watched the film "Finding Forrester" at the cinema. Sean Connery played a reclusive Pulitzer Price-winning author named Forrester. In the plot, he met the Afro-American high school student Jamal Wallace, a highly talented teenager, and helped him to develop his writing talent.

Mentorship/friendship was one of the major themes in Finding Forrester. Then, it clicked: I found my vocation: to encourage children, adolescents and young adults to develop to their full potential according to their innate needs, interests and individual talents.

My extensive coaching experience allows me to support my students with great care and understanding, to recognize their strengths and weaknesses, to make efficient use of their resources and to develop and implement targeted and tailor-made measures.

My specialities are:

 Languages (German/English/French)

 Writing coaching

 High abilities

 High sensitivity

 Creativity training

 Motivation training

 Learning strategies and organisational skills

 Concentration and mindfulness

 Stress management

For further details please contact me

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